A Men's Gift Guide for a special Lady

How to choose the perfect gift for her? Let's start like this: Pay close attention to the details - things she mentions on a daily basis, a type of item that she looks at more intensely when you go shopping for example. Also you need to observe her style, like what kind of jewellery or clothes does she wear? Check if she has a wishlist on a website that she regularly orders from. You can use that as inspiration or ask her to make a wishlist for you that you can pick from. There will still be a little surprise, because it is up to you to make the final choice. Check out the HIITU-Wishlist option here. If you feel confident to go full speed ahead and pick something yourself, keep reading!

What kind of a woman is she?

  • What kind of clothes does she wear? Does she have a specific style?
  • What kind of jewellery does she like to put on?
  • Does she prefer eye-catching bold and big jewellery or rather small and delicate pieces?
  • Does she tend to wear bold colours or rather simple ones?
  • Does she enjoy dressing up with fancy clothes or does she prefer wearing casual clothes?
  • What kind of bags does she own and use on a daily basis?
  • Does her style change a lot?
  • Does she like trying knew things?

Think about what  she would think of the present, would she buy this for herself if she could? Does it suit her character?

What kind of colours should I pick?

Of course every woman's preferences are different but here is a little summary of what the various colour groups are associated with:

  • Blue is associated with introversion, calmness, concentration on the important things, loyalty and dedication
  • Green it is the colour of harmony and balance it is associated with joyful energy, inner peace, nature and healing
  • Turquoise is associated with good luck, spiritual grounding, energy, wisdom and friendship
  • Purple/Lavender joins the soul and body, symbolises sorcery and magic, transformation and spirituality and is traditionally associated with royalty
  • White contains all colours, it is the colour of light and brightness and is associated with spiritual clarity and innocence
  • Red it is the colour of life, stands for passion and is seen as a warning against danger
  • Black is associated with power, elegance and formality but also death and mystery.

The right HIITU products if your woman...

...is a business lady:

Kaya Laptop Briefcase - simple yet chic look, perfect for a laptop and a notebook, the vegetable tanned leather is very strong and the cotton lined inside protects the laptop very well

Ansa Leather Wallet - this elegant handmade leather wallet is available in two different sizes, and has just enough pockets to fill it with all necessary cards or receipts without becoming overwhelmingly full

Candy Bangle - this stylish bangle comes it different colours, the simple yet beautiful design adds a little glamour to her everyday business outfit

Candy Boobie Ring - the Boobie Ring complements the bangle perfectly as they’re part of the same Candy Collection, and its refined design adds a touch of elegance to any business outfit

Candy Choker -  this gold choker with colorful pearls adds a little more glamour to her everyday outfit without being too distracting for the office

...loves to travel:

Kikoi Sarong - This sarong comes in coral, natural and blue, and is perfect for travels since it can be used as a scarf, a dress, a picnic blanket and more!

Kikoi Kaftan - the kaftan is available in the same colours, and is a great handmade accessory as it can be worn at any time (especially if it gets a little colder) and the soft fairtrade cotton makes you want to wear it forever

Nixi Leather Purse - This handmade leather bag is perfect for travels since it can be worn as a clutch, a hip bag or even a shoulder bag! The vegetable tanned leather ensures that the leather keeps living and gets more beautiful the more it’s used and is perfect for keeping important documents safe and close by on trips.

Sunglass Straps - Nobody likes to lose their sunglasses, especially when things get a little hectic whilst traveling from one place to another. These cute sunglass straps are available in many different colours ensure that her sunglasses always stay close to her and add a little bit of glam to her casual travel outfit ;)

Ubuntu Notebook - This notebook consisting of 100% organic recycled paper, is perfect for jotting down small travel notes whilst not burdening the environment further

...loves city trips:

Kikoi Reversible Jacket - Who doesn't like to switch outfits during the day? This jacket makes it easy to switch up the look, especially on a weekend getaway. Additionally this fashionable piece gets softer by the day and is perfect for spring.

Xani Bag - A bag that fits all of her little necessary stuff and is stylish at the same time? The Xani bag, available in different colours, offers just that and is easy to carry around.

Oaxaca Scarf - This cotton scarf is perfect for all occasions, either as a fashion statement or to keep her warm on colder days. The bright colour adds some sunshine into gloomy autumn days.

...enjoys the beach:

Kikoi Shoulder Bag - This colourful bag fits everything needed for the perfect beach day. It is also easily washable.

Poncho and Shorts - This Poncho is perfect for throwing on when she is chilling at the beach after having gone for a swim. On windier days it can be used as a perfect hoodie to keep her warm. Match it with the shorts and she’ll have the perfect beach outfit! It is also unisex so anyone can wear it ;)

Maasai Body Necklace - Add a little glam to her beach outfit with this Body Necklace, it is easy to take off before hopping into the water and looks extremely trendy.

Peace Silk Scarf (turban) - This scarf that can be worn as a turban, does not only look fashionable but also keeps her hair out of her face on windy beach days.

… has a hippie style:

Caftan Belt - This belt adds some glam to a neutral outfit and looks very chic. It is available in numerous colours and can be worn with both dresses and shirts.

Orient x Occident hat - This indie style hat suits all outfits, whether it is worn in the summer or on colder days.

Xani Bag - A bag that fits all of her little necessary stuff and is stylish at the same time? The Xani bag, available in different colours, offers just that and is easy to carry around.

African Cuff and Choker - These two statement pieces of  African jewellery can be worn together or individually and light up the entire outfit. Make her look unique with this combination!

...loves big bling:

Long Maasai Choker and Triple Cuff - This is a unique choker that adds some charm to any outfit, matched with the Triple Cuff she is assured to have all the bling she needs.

Pick N Mix Earrings Large and Choker - Pick n Mix is the perfect gift for her if she can never decide what kind of jewelry to wear. She can use her creativity in mixing the pearls and add her own style to the gold choker and creoles.

Candyman - This cute little necklace fits well to all outfits and the bright beautiful variations in colour and its handmade nature creates a beautiful statement piece of bling

Candy Stick Ring - This special ring comes in many different African colours. With its distinctive design it is assured to be a hit if she loves to own unique handmade jewelry.

...loves small bling:

African Bangle - This chic bangle is available in different colours and is the ideal low key fashionable handmade accessory to any outfit!

Boobie Ring - With its simple yet beautiful design, this refined ring fits all and looks very chic and ensures to not be too obvious

Pendant Necklace - The beautiful pendant is a part of our Pick n Mix collection, so she will have complete freedom in the design of the pendant, whether she wants to add a couple of pearls or even none!

Pick N Mix Earrings Small - For a woman that prefers smaller bling these small earrings are perfect, they are just the right simple design and the option to “Pick N Mix”, gives her complete creative freedom about the final look of these small earrings.



How to find the correct ring size...

  • Look at her hands, does she have big or small hands/fingers?
  • Take one of her rings to compare sizes, you can trace the inside of the ring to get a somewhat appropriate diameter

Hiitu Ringsize

Circumference in mm

Diameter in mm














  • Ask a friend if they know her size
  • Ask for her size pretending to buy a ring for someone else and needing comparison
  • Usually a medium sized ring is a good option, she could put it on several fingers


How to find a fitting jewelry colour/size...

Think about what kind of skin tone she has:

  • She has a cool skin tone if her veins are blue. Her hair is probably blonde, dark brown, or black. Her eyes are most likely light blue or brown. She would also fit into this category if she burns easily or if her skin is a pale shade or shows signs of redness. In this case red, purple, blue and white metals (silver or white gold) usually work well.
  • She has a warm skin tone if her veins are greener. Her hair is probably red or light blonde. Her eyes are most likely bright blue, green, or hazel. You can also tell if she has  a warm tone if she tans easily or her skin is ebony or espresso coloured. In this case yellow, orange, red colours and yellow metals (brass, yellow gold) usually work well.
  • She has a neutral skin tone if her skin has no obvious espresso, olive, or redness in color. Neutral skin tones tend to fit in with the cool skin tone category.

Now think about what kind of jewellery style she likes and tends to wear more often:

  • Does she wear eye catching jewellery?
  • Does she chose statement colours or neutral tones?
  • If she is petite then smaller jewellery might suite her more where as if she is a tall woman a bigger statement pieces could work nicely.

Most importantly, it must be something that you think she could wear and feel comfortable with. Base it on her style, but don’t be shy to get her something completely different if she is willing to try new things.

How to find the right bag:

  • Think about the bags she already owns, what kind of style do they have? Does she prefer big or smaller bags? Does she have a lot of bags of a certain type?
  • If she owns mostly big bags does she really need another big bag? Maybe you could get her something smaller but with a similar style?
  • Think about the materials she likes, does she prefer leather or cotton? Does she prefer real or fake leather?
  • Does she prefer fancy or casual bags?


Good luck with finding the perfect present for your lady. Just try to have fun with it and listen to your gut! 

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