Six Types of Love

Instead of simply having one concept of love, the ancient Greeks believed there were six different types, all equally important:
Eros, the fiery, passionate love you feel toward a lover;
Philia, the platonic love between friends and family;
Ludus, the playfulness found among new lovers and children;
Pragma, the deep understanding between partners that grows over time;
Agape, the selfless, charitable love for our fellow humans;
Philautia, the love of the self.
Rather than relying on one partner to satisfy all these needs, the ancient Greeks believed each role could be played by different people in your life. This allowed them to spread their emotional needs across a wide range of people, making it easier for them to find happiness in love. So, if you're unlucky in love, why not take a tip from the ancient Greeks and start looking for love and affection from more than one person.
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Photo Credit: Feature image by Evan Kirby; Eros by Dinkum, via Wikimedia Commons; Agape Feast via Wikimedia.

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