Evelyn Weigert

Evelyn Weigert x HIITU - Fairtrade Clothing Collaboration celebrating boobies
Evelyn Weigert is in our opinion one of the most inspiring young creative talents in all of Germany. She is a one of a kind strong woman that follows her big heart and does her things her own way! Precisely how we love it in HIITU-land.
The "Busenfreude" t-shirt is the result of a very fun collaboration with her. With this shirt we want to celebrate the diversity of breasts - large, small, old, young, perky, saggy, round, pointy, flat or fake. Love your individuality! Who better represents this than the powerful Hindu goddess Kali?!
fairtrade clothing made in Africa with Illustration - Evelyn Weigert x HIITU
You can pre-order the t-shirts now! They will be officially sold and distributed from the HIITU online shop as of May 9th - while stocks last! 
fairtrade clothing made in Africa with Illustration - Evelyn Weigert x HIITU
In the context of our collaboration, we asked Evelyn a couple of questions.
Here we go:
  1. Evelyn, you are a woman of many talents: artist, TV presenter, singer, comedian. It‘s difficult to put a label on you. How would you describe yourself?
    First of all, thank you for the compliment. Unfortunately, if I could pick a special power myself it would be to be able to read and write ;-). I am simply a woman that does what comes to her mind, without over-thinking it and most importantly – without fear.

    2. When did you start to paint? What do you love most about expressing yourself with a brush?
    I have been painting for a long time but I really got into it four years ago. It’s kind of like a meditation for an old whirl-wind like me.

    3. Your paintings have a very original imagery. Where do you get inspired?
    I ask myself the same question – mainly it’s the breasts that inspire me. Isn’t it crazy how wonderfully individual each one of us is?! I love imperfection and even more, showing it in my paintings. I love it when people look at my paintings and begin to love from the heart.

    4. With our t-shirt „Busenfreude“ we want to send women the message that they should love the individuality of their breasts. Why is it important to you to share this message? Do you love your own breasts?
     Yes, I do – but it was not love at first sight :-) It just really really annoys me, that some babbling idiots have decided what perfect breasts should look like and even worse that we women actually allow ourselves to be influenced by this bullshit. My biggest highlight was when we were designing the T-shirt together. We were sitting in a round of awesome women when suddenly shirts were flying and we began showing our boobies to each other. It felt super liberating and we were laughing our heads off when each of us was sharing what she had to say about her own breasts. In the end, we were celebrating each other, because each one of us is so beautiful in her own way. That felt good and that’s how its supposed to go. It's this kind of dialogue that we want to start with this shirt and as the project was kicked off so perfectly like this I have high hope that we will succeed.

    5. You are one of our favourite HIITU ambassadors – what do you love about us and why do we match so well?
    I’ve been a huge HIITU fan from the very beginning. You two are real power women and have succeeded to combine great design with fair and sustainable production ways and create beautiful things along the way – I find that awesome. When I had the idea to design a print t-shirt, it was clear to me that you two were my perfect partners in crime. I am proud that our t-shirt is fair-trade produced and made from CmiA certified cotton – that’s exactly how I imagined it! Plus you two are awesome chicks and we have the ultimate vibe together!
Fairtrade clothing with Illustration for a hippie look - Evelyn Weigert x HIITU
Photo Credit: Andreas Fuchs

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