KID-FRIENDLY BERLIN: Alice & Alma's favourite food spots around town

Alice and Alma our wonderful HIITU models live in Berlin and have put together some of their favourite food spots around town, that are great for both kids and "grown ups" (just like our straps ☺)


Alice: WE LOVE BREAKFAST!! If I am not in the mood to make it myself at home we like to go to Annelies. They have all sorts of wonderful egg dishes, yummy pastries and great coffee.
Alma: And the best pancakes EVER!!



Alice: This place in Schöneberg is great for brunch on weekends but also has a wonderful lunch and dinner menu. Everything is pure and fresh and delicious, plus they have a lot of veggie options! You can sit outside and because it is on a little private street, Alma can run around without me worrying. 

Alma: I also like the food and there is a playground around the corner too!


Mozzarella Bar & Botega

Alice: For Lunch or early dinner in the summer its nice to go to Mozarella Bar. The square next to the restaurant is where it seems all of Berlin Mitte hangs out after work. It's like a little Italian piazza where friends meet and hang out outside for hours. I usually get myself a Burrata with some grilled veggies and a glass of vine and take it to the little park in front. Alma loves it there too because she can run off to the playground.


Tribeca Ice Cream

Alice: Summer in the city without ice cream is impossible. I love to got to Tribeca, because it only uses high quality natural ingredients plus no refined sugar.

Alma: And I get to have an ice cream almost everyday!! 




Alice: At Simsim they make fresh and hearty food. You can taste the quality of the ingredients they use and the atmosphere is also very chilled - an authentic experience of levantine culture not to be missed! Also, they are very kid friendly there and the area is quiet, fun and safe for kids to run around in.

Alma: I love the hummus they make and also one of the chicken dishes!!



Katz Orange

Alice: Last but not least, in fact our all time favourite is Katz Orange. The food, the atmosphere, the people ... everything is wonderful and it feels like our second home ☺ - I guess it is! It is the perfect place for a family meal...if not at home. They have the most delicious meat, great veggie dishes aaaaand...

Alma: ...the best fries in all of Berlin! And a courtyard with a sandbox to play.



Alice and Alma have been living in Berlin all their life and know the city like the back of their hands. Alice is a garden and landscape designer and can jungle up any balcony...find out more here. Alma is 6 years old about to start school this summer! They are some of our greatest HIITU muses!

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Photo credit: Annelies FB, Tribeca Insta, Lok6 photo by Mit Vergnügen, Simsim FB, Katz Orange FB.

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