Silk is a staple fabric in the fashion industry, yet many are not aware of the cruelty which occurs during its production process. Usually, the baby caterpillars are handfed until they have gone through all the stages and have evolved into a pupa and eventually into a moth. Normally, the moth then climbs out of the silk cocoon which tends to cause some damage. To avoid this, many silk manufacturers prevent the pupa from turning into a moth through a process called ‘stifling’, where the cocoons are steamed, boiled or baked with the pupa still inside. This, of course, doesn't happen with our silk! We only use a type of silk called Peace silk or Ahimsa silk. We source it from the organic Peace silk manufacturer Cocccon which is based in Jharkhand, Eastern India. In their silk production process, no stifling occurs at all, meaning all the pupa can morph into moths. The cocoon is gently pierced and trimmed to let the moth fly away before the silk filaments are twisted and then traditionally woven by disadvantaged people from the region. Through their work, Cocccon is able to provide jobs for people in their rural surroundings and most importantly employ large groups of women, giving them the financial independence they need to better their lives. For our beautiful Peace Silk Scarf, we use this Ahimsa silk. With a dynamic and positive sunshine-inspired print and the sheer endless varieties for how it can be worn, it is perfect for both Summer and colder Winter days, always reminding us of the divine sunshine in our hearts.