Burel Factory

With Burel we have found amazing cooperation partners. The factory was founded in 2010 in the abandoned building of an old wool factory in Manteigas. The area had been especially known for the production of the traditional fabric Burel. This is what the new founders wanted to pick up on. They “envisaged a sustainable project, unique and special, filled with soul and passion, where each piece produced is a part of the history of the know-how of an industry… a part of its own history.” We love their philosophy and are happy to have them on board for our MANTECAS COLLECTION. With the help of Team Burel we took the traditional weaving techniques and patterns of the area and added our own HIITU aesthetics to them.
Quality checks during production of our handmade blankets.
Old weaving patterns for previous handmade blankets.
Weaving details at the factory which produces our handmade blankets.