We prepared a couple of answers to some questions that we are being asked on a frequent basis hoping to make your visit on HIITU.com a bit easier. Here we go:


What makes HIITU a sustainable brand?
With HIITU we thrive to melt traditional craftsmanship with our own design ideas using fair production ways and natural materials that are responsibly sourced. We work solely with small family manufacturers, fair-trade certified factories and one-man workshops that are run by craftsmen directly. We have been to almost all our producers’ workshops (except one) and it is important for us to connect with them on a personal as much as on a professional level.

Can you guarantee sustainabilty on all levels?
We are far more sustainable than the fashion industry standard, but it is impossible for us to guarantee that we are sustainable on all levels. When we started HIITU we wanted to do everything right from the beginning until the end but a couple of months into our journey it became clear that things were slightly different when you are on site of a third world country and that compromises needed to be made every now and then. We re-addressed the question of sustainability again intensively and divided it into the social and the environmental aspects. The personal relationship and fair reimbursement of our manufacturers' work is key to us. We are not willing to make any compromises here and this is something we can control directly due to the closeness of the relationship to our production partners. However, as far as the use of natural and responsibly sourced materials is concerned we learned that sometimes it makes more sense to work with what the regional market has to offer and support the local suppliers rather than flying in materials from other continents to have a label of 100% guarantee. In conclusion – we always try and go out of our way to find the most sustainable way possible but there are limits and they need to be assessed and solved individually. However, we are very transparent about our limits and if you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to drop us a line at hi@hiitu.com.

What means of payment do you offer?
During the check-out process of your order you can chose between paypal, credit card, Klarna Sofortüberweisung and bank transfer.

Do you offer purchase on account?
We are still a small company and unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to offer purchase on account yet. Thank you for your understanding.

I returned something, when and how will I get my money back?
As soon as your package has arrived back in our stock and we have cleared that it is unworn and in perfect condition, your money will be transferred directly back to you – using the same mean of payment you chose for your order initially.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do ship worldwide - check the conditions below.

How much is the cost of shipping within Germany?
For all orders that are being delivered to a domestic address within Germany, all shipping fees will be covered by us.

How much is the cost of shipping within the EU?
For all orders above 100 € that are being delivered to a domestic address within Europe, all shipping fees will be covered by us. For all orders under 100 € we will charge you a flat-rate delivery fee of 4,90 €. 

How much is the cost of shipping to the rest of the world?
For all orders that are being delivered to a domestic address outside of Europe, we will charge you a flat-rate delivery fee of 9,90 €. 

When will my order be sent out?
We try our best to send each package out latest by the day after your order comes through. However, we are a small company with our stock located in the far South of Germany. The logistics of DHL in the countryside are not comparable to those in the city and there may be delays every now and then. Thank you for your understanding.

What shipping service do you use?
We use Deutsche Post as well as DHL GoGreen to ship all our packages.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?
The average delivery time within Germany is 2-4 days, for EU shipping count 4-8 days and worldwide 10-15 days. Don’t hesitate to send us an email to sales@hiitu.com in case you need something urgently – we are always happy to try and work something out individually in cases of emergency like urgent birthday presents etc.

My package has not arrived in a while now – what do I do?
Once your package is sent out, you will receive a notification that contains a tracking number, which will allow you to check on the status of delivery. If you have any issues, please send us an email to sales@hiitu.com. In case you already received some sort of notification of delay, returned to sender etc. from DHL, please attach it and we will get back to you asap.
Do you cover the cost of returns?
Due to the small size of our company we cannot yet cover the cost of returns. Thank you for your understanding. We advise you to send all returns traceable and insured, so you are covered in case of loss. Please send returns to: HIITU // Cramer-Klett GbR, Kampenwandstrasse 78, 83229 Aschau.

What happens if I do not like what I ordered?
That can happen and of course you always have the possibility to return an order in total or partially. Please just send us an email to sales@hiitu.com, so we know that we are expecting your order to be returned. Please bear in mind, that all returned items need to be unworn, with tags on and in the original packaging – each item will be checked upon its return.

What is the deadline of returns?
All returns need to get back to us within 14 days of arrival to your home.

How do you deal with exchanges?
In case you ordered the wrong size or colour, you have the option to exchange the item. In order to do so, please send us first an email to sales@hiitu.com to inform us about what colour/size you would like instead, so we can check if we have it in stock. Unfortunately, also for exchanges, we do not cover the cost of return yet but we take over the cost of shipment for the second package.

How should I clean my HIITU jewelry?
All our jewelry is made from brass. In order for you to enjoy your HIITU jewels as long as possible, avoid putting them into contact with water. This will help prolong their shine and prevent them from turning matt. So make sure to take them off before washing your hands and showering. However, a thorough clean every now and then is always a good idea. To do so put some lemon juice on a cloth and then use it to gently polish the brass. Clean it with a slightly wet cloth after and finally make sure to dry it off well and not to leave any remaining drops of water. This is definitely the most cost effective and environment friendly way to clean your jewelry.

How should I clean my HIITU leather bag?
All our bags are made from natural tanned leather. It is robust on the one hand and slightly sensitive on the other. Cleaning it is rather easy as there is a high rate of oil used in the finish of the bag, which helps “grease out” scratches and marks. Often it helps just polishing the bag strongly with a soft piece of cloth making circular movements. To intensify the cleaning process use specific leather care cream (use natural for all coloured leathers and black for black leather). Apply it with a piece of cloth or a soft brush, let it sink in for a couple of minutes and then use an old pair of nylon tights and polish with pressure and again in circular movements – the bag will shine like a diamond in no time.
PLEASE NOTE: Vegetable tanned leather does not like heat or sun. Avoid leaving it standing in the direct sun or in the car in the summer, when it is hot. The heat can lead to slight decolouring as the colours are not fixated chemically, which makes the leather more sensitive to hot temperatures.

How should I wash my HIITU clothing?
All our HIITU clothing is made from CmiA (Cotton made in Africa) certified cotton. We advice to wash all items on 30 degrees Celsius max – it is better for the longevity of the clothing as well as for the environment. To be on the safe side please use the delicate cycle and turn the clothes inside out to prevent the outer appearance from changing. Cotton likes to be hung to dry and not be put in the dryer. Even though the heat prevents scrunching, it damages the fibres. Hang up your HIITU clothes on a line and let it dry in the air – put it inside out in case you leave it to dry in the sun to prevent the colourful stripes from fading.

How do I know which size to pick for the rings?
Our handmade necklaces, choker, bangles and cuffs are all one size and slightly adjustable. As for the rings, we attached a chart on how to measure your ring size. Just take a ring that fits you, take a pencil and a piece of paper and draw a line of the inside diameter. Check the chart below to see which ring size is yours. Bear in mind that the stick ring is not adjustable at all whereas the boobie ring is slightly bendable and can be made a bit smaller or bigger - might be the safer option if its a present.

Hiitu Ringsize

Circumference in mm

Diameter in mm













How do I know which size to pick for the clothing?
Our African clothing runs generally slightly small but it varies slightly depending on which style. To find out about a specific piece of clothing of your choice, please go to the specific page – there is a suggestion on how to pick the correct size for each and one of them. Roughly the guide is as follows:

HIITU Clothing

German Size







XL 44