• • You already have wings - Rumi • •



Music is one of our biggest inspirations! It's what accompanies us every day, helps us let loose and relax, we meditate with it, dance to it, it gives us energy and never fails to cheer us up. Find below compilations of songs that we or some of the people that inspire us have put together for you - hoping their melodies will do the same to you. 


Easy-breezy summer cheesy tunes - get your headphones out, lie in the sand and gaze up into the coconut trees.


Our favourite "Busenfreundin" Evelyn Weigert put together an eclectic mix of tunes to have you smooth sailing into a fun night...or day!


Tunes that came together preparing for Rosalie's Sri Lanka trip in January. Warm and summery for beaches and hikes.


An easy playlist for grey November mornings that makes you think of warmer days. 


Music for when the sun starts setting earlier and the evenings are turning cold again.