The HIITU all things handmade onlineshop, with shoulder bags, pearl earrings, fancy rings, african art and other indie style accessories for an elegant hippie look.


 Let's spread good vibes, people


HIITUs philosophy is based on this simple but heartfelt message. It begins with the love and dedication that we put into the design of each of our small and unique collections and continues with a clear focus on fair and respectful collaborations with our artisans and manufacturers. In doing so, we encourage a creative exchange, which generates harmony on an intercultural level. HIITU stands for products that are made to become your favourite piece and accompany you for a long time. That’s why we use natural, high quality and responsibly sourced materials. It is our goal that the positive energy created with our conscious production process reaches you and from there those “good vibes” keep spreading.


Pleased to introduce the Pick-N-Mix Collection


A preview of our African style handmade jewelry collection with gold choker, creoles, pearl earrings and pearl necklaces.

 Join our creative process with these unique jewelry designs handmade in Africa! Each piece comes with multiple elements to play around with - so that you can start every day refuelled with plenty of creative HIITU good vibes!


HIITU means “feather” in Caddo, the language of our Native American ancestors. In their tradition feathers form the wings with which we can transcend from our earthly realities and limitations into the heights of creativity. 



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