Planet HIITU

We believe that with a little bit of creativity in our day to day everything just becomes more fun, bright, smooth and colourful. Especially in this controversial time of increasing digitalisation, in which more and more of our skills are being replaced, nurturing our creative mind brings us an opportunity to stand out - to fantasise and create. This is what Planet HIITU is about: We would like to introduce you to the creativity in our world and the people, places and stories that inspire us - hoping it will do the same to you!

We love to get inspired by the people around us - so we decided to make little interviews with these people and share them with you! For example this interview with our #HIITUBIRDS from the travel journal Triplet Approved.
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Music is our life. It's what accompanies us every day, helps us let loose and relax, we meditate with it, dance to it, it gives us energy and never fails to cheer us up.
Check out our mixes and dive in to planet HIITU.


It goes without saying that our biggest inspiration comes from our travels and the cultures we explore through it. We find beautiful crafts or little details that we fall in love with along the way and suddenly a new design is born. With our travel tales we share our favourite discoveries with you, original places that have captured us with their love for detail, high standard of quality, sustainable practises, beautiful nature or other unique traits. We also sometimes ask people with a similar mindset to contribute with some tips for places they know well. Feel free to explore and let your travel blues unfold... for example with this article we wrote about our trip around Morocco.

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African tradition, travelling around Morocco is a deep dive into Arab culture.

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