Sustainably Chic #3


Round three of our chic eco-looks - to make sustainable shopping easy peasy for you! We know all brands and love their mindsets - hopefully you will too.

Dress - Thone Negron
Clutch - HIITU 
Jewellery - HIITU
Belt - HIITU



● ● 

Dress - Thone Negron
Ornamented Clutch - Tassel Tales
Jewellery - HIITU
Belt - HIITU
Shoes - Vintage

Tassel Tales is a sustainable and fair fashion and yoga brand, with a focus on women empowerment. Tassel Tales creates dresses, babouche slippers, leggings, yoga bags, vintage jeans jackets together with women collectives in India and Morocco.

Thone Negron is a Berlin based label for pret-a-porter with a focus on dresses, evening wear and silk basics.